Pastor Joel Tudman Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Joel Tudman serves as the senior pastor of the Net Church.


Pastor Joel Tudman comes from Mountain Pleasant in Texas. He founded The Net Church, where he serves as the senior pastor in Oklahoma, United States. Pastor Joel Tudman is widely recognized as a respected pastor in the United States, having initiated many programs that have positively impacted thousands of people globally.


Joel Tudman earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Promotions from Texas University. He holds a Master’s degree in Health Promotions with a minor in counseling. St. Thomas Christian College granted him an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree. Pursuing further education, he underwent advanced training in Organizational Leadership for his Ph.D. Additionally, he received another honorary doctorate from Jakes Divinity School.


Pastor Joel Tudman resides in Oklahoma City with his beloved wife, La Tasha Tudman, and their children. They consistently impact lives through their divine outreach and exceptional leadership. In addition to his ministry work, Pastor Joel Tudman oversees the development of players at Oklahoma State University and holds a respected position there.


Pastor Tudman is a highly decorated football coach, serving as the Head of Player Development at Oklahoma State University. During his years at the university, he trained staff and led the Amateur football program, imparting valuable leadership skills to students. Alongside Rob Glass, a Master Strength Coach, they created renowned programs in college football.

Coaching the Cowboys at Stillwater, Pastor Joel Tudman achieved significant success, making four New Year games, six games, and setting a school record with 12 successive bowls. He is recognized as a special coach and trainer who has positively impacted the lives of his students, earning awards for his leadership skills.

In addition to his coaching role, Pastor Joel Tudman serves as the Cowboy Football team minister and holds dual roles as coach of leadership and skills and Chaplain. Throughout his coaching career, he collaborated closely with individuals like Robb Glass, a Master Strength Coach known for his expertise in college football.

Pastor Joel Tudman has played a crucial role in coaching athletics in Oklahoma City, focusing on maintaining and achieving normal fitness. He initiated, developed, and coordinated a program called “The Person/The Player,” which he considers a personal program.

Many athletes under Pastor Joel Tudman’s guidance have embraced his advice, establishing a foundation grounded in faith. As a result, several have started attending church services and activities, influenced by Pastor Joel Tudman’s teachings.

Maranatha Church

For nearly two decades, Pastor Joel Tudman has been in the ministry, guiding people to Christ and giving them a sense of purpose through The Net Church in Oklahoma City.

Previously, he led the Maranatha Church of God and Christ in Mount Pleasant, Texas.

Net Worth

Pastor Joel Tudman net worth is not disclosed to the public domain.

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