Bishop Felix Adejumo Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Bishop Felix Adejumo is a Nigerian pastor, teacher, author, speaker, and humanitarian. He leads Agape Christian Ministries.

Felix Omobude Adejumo was born on February 14, 1959, in Edo State, Nigeria. He grew up in a Christian family and had a strong interest in ministry from his early years. He went on to study at the University of Ibadan, where he graduated.

In 1992, Felix Adejumo started the Agape Christian Ministries, a non-denominational group sharing the message of love, faith, and Jesus Christ’s teachings. Over time, this ministry has grown significantly, impacting many lives in Nigeria and beyond.

Adejumo is a dynamic preacher and speaker known for his powerful sermons on various topics such as faith, marriage, family, leadership, and personal development. He’s invited to events worldwide, inspiring and empowering audiences with his messages.

Besides his ministry, Felix Adejumo is an author, writing books about Christian living, relationships, and spiritual growth, offering insights to readers.


Bishop Felix Adejumo Born on June 20, 1954, in Ororuwo, Boripe local government area of Osun State, Nigeria, Bishop Felix Adejumo’s family couldn’t afford hospital care for his birth due to their humble background. Today, he’s the founder and senior pastor of one of Nigeria’s largest churches. He’s also a philanthropist and established the Karis Life Hospital in Akure.

Bishop Felix Adejumo is known for his passion in motivating people to reach their best in life. His gentle manner has made many people fond of him. His teachings are full of wisdom, making him an outstanding preacher. The Bishop travels around the world, speaking about leadership in conferences and seminars.


Bishop Felix Adejumo was born on June 20, 1954.


The Bishop went to the University of Ibadan and got his Bachelor’s degree there.


He’s happily married to the well-known Nigerian preacher, Reverend Funke Felix-Adejumo, for 37 years. They got married on September 8, 1984. Their marriage has been blessed with four biological children (two sons and two daughters), as well as grandchildren, and many adopted and spiritual children.

Rev Funke Adejumo is the president of Funke Felix Adejumo Foundation (FFAF), an NGO that helps women. The foundation aims to assist those living in poverty, similar to her past experiences. She oversees an orphanage called Grace Orphanage and, along with her husband, built a children’s hospital in 2003.

She also manages Another Chance Women’s Home, providing a safe space for women who are victims of domestic violence until they heal.

Bishop Felix and Rev. Funke were ordained as Ministers of God in Ondo State, Nigeria, on August 12, 1989.

Agape Christian Ministries

Bishop Felix ‘Remi Adejumo founded and leads The Agape Christian Ministries Worldwide along with his wife, Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo.

When they settled in Ibadan after marriage, Bishop Felix felt called by God to start a ministry, but it took three years to convince his wife. Eventually, they moved to Akure and established Agape Christian Ministries on August 7, 1988, with only two families at their first service in Victory Nursery School, Akure.

From its small beginnings, Agape Christian Ministries has grown to be one of Nigeria’s well-known churches, with over 30 branches across the country and thousands of members in ten states, with more than 35 parishes and various ministry arms. The church also has a presence in three continents. In 2023, the church celebrated its 21st Anniversary.


Below are some already published books of Bishop Felix Adejumo:

  • Abuse Of Leadership,
  • Strength For Tomorrow,
  • The Sevenfold Covenant and
  • The Woman In Your House.


  1. The Winning Edge
  2. God Answers Prayers
  3. My Story Must Change
  4. The Laws of the Next Level
  5. Lord If Thou Has Ben Here

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Social Media

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  3. Twitter: @BishopAdejumo