Lynne Hybels Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Lynne Hybels was born on November 21, 1951. She is the co-founder of Willow Creek Community Church and the wife of Bill Hybels, the founder and former senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church.


Willow Creek Community Church started as a high school ministry and grew to become one of the biggest churches in the United States. Lynne Hybels, a mother of two grown children—Shauna Niequist, a bestselling Christian author, and Todd Hybels—played a significant role in its growth.

Lynne is involved in ministry partnerships in certain communities in Latin America and Africa. She advocates for comprehensive immigration reports for immigrants of Willow Creek Church. Lynne writes a column for Sojourners Magazine and runs her blog, where she shared about encountering emotional and spiritual crises at age 40.

She initiated ‘Ten For Congo,’ a fundraising effort supporting women and children in Congo who were victims of rape and abuse during the civil war.

Lynne’s service led her to visit places like Israel, Congo, Lebanon, Iraq, Zambia, and many others, earning her the title of a world changer and influencer. She also advocates for victims of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Family Life

Lynne Hybels is married to Bill Hybels, the well-known founder and senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois. In 2018, Bill faced public accusations of sexual harassment, leading to his resignation from the megachurch they founded together. This challenging period has brought confusion and grief to those at Willow Creek Community Church in recent months.


Lynne Hybels co-authored the book ‘Fit To Be Tied’ with her husband Bill Hybels in 1997, sharing the struggles and lessons they learned in their marriage. Additionally, Lynne has written several other books, including:

  • ‘Nice Girls Don’t Change The World,’ 2005
  • ‘Rediscovering Church: The Story And Vision Of Willow Creek Community Church,’ 1995
  • ‘Love That Last,’ 1999
  • ‘The Joy Of Personal Worship,’ 1984
  • ‘Making Love Last: How To Find And Keep The Right Partner For You,’ 1995
  • ‘Neu Dem Liebenden Gott Begegnen,’ 2001

Social Media

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