Pastor Daniel Groves Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Daniel Eric Groves is an American pastor and a skilled worship leader. He leads Hope City Church, which is a multi-site church in Houston and is recognized as one of the fastest-growing churches in America.


Pastor Daniel Eric Groves, born on December 11, has been sharing the Word and leading worship for over twenty years. Fame was never his goal; he simply wants people to encounter God through his music. Groves lives a life devoted to worship, considering it a lifestyle, a choice, an attitude, and a genuine expression of gratitude to God.

However, there is no public information about his family or upbringing, as he leads a private and discreet life.

Family Life

Pastor Daniel is a father of four children. He has been married to Jackie N. Groves for 18 years, and they dated for 5 years before tying the knot. They first met in Oklahoma and have been together for almost 24 years.

As a couple, they have led worship for evangelists and ministers worldwide. Both Daniel and Jackie share a passion for worship, and together, they co-lead as pastors at Hope City Church in Houston.

Their prayer is that every worship event becomes an opportunity for people to enter a ‘new’ place with God. They hope that through worship, people can find joy, healing, and a sense of safety that surpasses anything here on earth.


Daniel Groves, a worship minister, traveled around, ministering through songs with his wife, Jackie. They’ve been part of conferences, churches, and programs across the United States, and Daniel was well-known in his younger days at the Victory World Christian Outreach.

With numerous songs to his credit, Groves has led worship for evangelists such as Dr. Mark Barclay, Jesse Duplantis, Rod Parsley, Marilyn Hickey, and others.

In 2015, Daniel envisioned Hope City Church, which now has campuses in Houston, Cinco Ranch, and Tanzania. Before this, he served as a worship pastor at the Relentless Church until 2015.

Daniel and his wife also run the Anthem School of Worship, a place born out of their passion to lay a foundation for worshipers. The school encourages and empowers worship leaders of all ages who share a passion for worship. This worship school focuses on the authenticity that naturally comes when prioritizing God’s presence. You can find more information on the school’s website at

Pastor Daniel Groves’ Sermons 2021

Here are some of Pastor Daniel’s life-changing sermons for 2021 and 2022

  1. Paid in Full
  2. Who is this Jesus?
  3. Prepared and Ready
  4. Blessing Blockers
  5. Clear The Clutter
  6. God places purpose on the Imperfect
  7. Huddle Up
  8. Who Are You Surrounded By?
  9. When you Don’t Know What To Pray
  10. The Pathway To Peace.

You can find more messages on the Hope City Church YouTube Channel.

Pastor Daniel Groves’ Songs

Some of Daniel Groves’ songs and their date of release are:

  1. You are so good – 2003
  2. All my days – 2003
  3. Lost In Your Presence – 2005
  4. Abandon All – 2003
  5. Perfect Love – 2003
  6. Move-in me – 2005
  7. I’m Overjoyed – 2003
  8. King Majesty – 2005
  9. Arms of our Father – 2008
  10. Resting place – 2005

Net Worth

We don’t have an estimate for Pastor Daniel’s net worth. His primary income comes from his work as a pastor.

Social Media

You can find Pastor Daniel Groves on the below social media platforms:

  1. Instagram: @degroves
  2. Twitter: @danielegroves
  3. YouTube: @HopeCityChurch