Brittany Maher Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Brittany Maher is an American evangelist, author, and public speaker. She founded a women’s ministry called “Her True Worth” alongside her friend, Cassandra Spears, where they empower and guide women.


Currently, there is no information available about her personal life, but we plan to update this information soon.


We don’t have any information about Brittany Maher’s education, including her high school and college. She keeps her personal life private.

Family Life

The only known information about Brittany Maher’s life is her marriage to Ryan Maher. They got married in 2014 in Bloomington, Indiana. In May 2021, the couple welcomed their baby girl, Ariana.

Ryan Maher is an entrepreneur and app developer, known for creating the Bible Lock Screen app.

Brittany and Ryan invest most of their time in equipping and empowering people worldwide for digital evangelism. They believe in using every tool available to help bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

The couple, along with their daughter, resides in Michigan.


Brittany Maher’s career is not known, but she used to work in the beauty industry before leaving that profession.

Currently, Brittany and her husband, Ryan Maher, are engaged in digital evangelism. They utilize social media and the internet to share the gospel and provide daily encouragement to people.


Brittany Maher, along with her friend Cassandra Speer, co-founded a women’s ministry called “Her True Worth.” They both previously worked in the beauty industry, sharing a common passion before deciding to move on. Brittany is not only a co-founder but also an evangelist with a deep concern for those broken and lost.

Her experience as a beauty entrepreneur motivated her to empower women, emphasizing that their identity should be simplified based on one thing alone: Jesus.

“Her True Worth” has grown into a large online community aimed at liberating a whole generation of faith-filled women by helping them discover their true worth in Christ.


The evangelist and mum of one have a published book to her credit. The book, “Her True Worth,” which she co-authored with her friend, Cassandra, is from a place of love and genuine concern for women. Brittany has worked in the beauty industry and saw the need for women to break free from the bondage of false identities and discover their true worth in Jesus Christ.

Her True Worth seeks to help women who are lost and wandering, endlessly seeking security and approval, to find their true identity in Jesus. In the book, women will learn how to:

  • identify the false messages that are robbing them of their self-esteem.
  •  understand how God defines them and how highly he regards them.
  •  accept what God’s Word says about who they are, and
  • find their security and significance in Christ alone.

Net Worth

Brittany Maher net worth is not disclosed to the public domain.

Social Media

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