Christina Glenn Weeks Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks is an American preacher and author. Her strong sermons and teachings have inspired many worldwide. Her books are full of wisdom and insight, guiding people in life and spirituality.


Christina grew up in a Christian family. Being raised in this environment greatly impacted her spiritual path and calling. Her parents, Bishop Charles and Evangelist Janet Glenn Sr., emphasized faith, prayer, and devotion to God in their home. This upbringing laid a strong foundation for her character and prepared her for the prophetic ministry she passionately carries out now.


Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks was born on July 5th, 1981.


Bishop Thomas Weeks III is married to Prophetess Christina. Christina Glenn Weeks was previously married to Marshall Blackmond before their marriage ended. Christina and Bishop Weeks got married in 2009 and they serve as pastors in Alpharetta, Georgia. Bishop Weeks gained fame for his previous marriage to televangelist Juanita Bynum, which ended in divorce following accusations of physical assault by Juanita against Weeks.


Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks founded PCGW Ministries and comes from a line of ministers. She has preached God’s word for over 21 years and is gifted as a prophetess with abilities in healing, prophecy, laying on of hands, teaching, and preaching.

Christina hosts a monthly Monday Night Of Miracles LIVE conference call that reaches over 2200 people worldwide every first Monday. Additionally, she hosts a LIVE online Women’s Empower Me Session every third Sunday.

She also organizes the annual “Prophetic Encounter To Remember” event, drawing attendees from all over the world for a powerful prophetic experience.

Prophetess Christina is well-known for her catchphrase “It’s already done”. Her accurate predictions and unwavering faith in their fulfillment have gained her popularity. This catchphrase inspires many to trust in divine timing and the certainty of their desired outcomes.


Prophetess Christina is a busy writer. She wrote the book “It’s Already Done”, which became very popular. Additionally, she has another book called “How To Keep The Curse Off Your Life”.

Net Worth

Prophetess Christina is estimated to have a net worth of about  $10 million USD.

Social Media Platforms

You can find Christina Glenn Weeks on the following social media platforms:

  1. Facebook: Christina Glenn Weeks
  2. Instagram: Christian_Glenn

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. Who is Christina Glenn Weeks?

Christina Glenn Weeks is a prominent figure in the ministry, known as a prophetess, author, and founder of PCGW Ministries.

2. What is Christina Glenn Weeks known for?

Christina Glenn Weeks is known for her powerful preaching, prophetic gifting, and inspirational writing.

3. What is PCGW Ministries?

PCGW Ministries is an organization founded by Christina Glenn Weeks to spread the teachings of the Gospel and provide spiritual guidance and support to individuals worldwide.

4. How long has Christina Glenn Weeks been in ministry?

Christina Glenn Weeks has been preaching the word of God for over 21 years, carrying on a family legacy as a third-generation minister.

5. What are some of Christina Glenn Weeks’s spiritual gifts?

Christina Glenn Weeks is gifted as a prophetess with abilities in healing, prophecy, laying on of hands, teaching, and preaching.