Charlotte Gambill Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Charlotte Gambill is an author, international speaker, pastor, and mother. She, alongside her husband Steve, leads Life Church in England. Formerly known as the Abundant Life Church, it’s a Christian megachurch based in Bradford, England, with additional facilities in Belfast, Leeds, and Warsaw. The church refers to itself as “one church, four locations.”

Charlotte is known for her deep love for life, people, and God’s House. She is passionate about building local churches worldwide and is driven to help people reach their full potential and strengthen leadership. Charlotte, alongside her husband, has two children, Hope Cherish and Noah Brave.

Her approach to teaching the Bible is practical, humorous, and passionate. Charlotte’s teachings are in demand at churches and events globally, and she frequently speaks at conferences across the world, from South Africa to Australia, from Europe to the United States.


Charlotte Gambill, born on June 14, 1973, in Great Britain, grew up in a family where she was introduced to church from an early age. Despite being born to unmarried teenage parents who were initially discouraged from keeping her, Charlotte recalls making a decision for God at the age of ten and becoming excited about God’s plans for her life by the age of 14.

Her father, Paul Scanlon, was the former lead pastor of Life Church. In 2011, he passed the leadership to Charlotte and her husband, Steve, who now serve as the lead pastors of Life Church UK.

Details about Charlotte’s education are not available at the moment, but we will provide updates when possible.

Family Life

Charlotte is married to Steve Gambill. They live in Bradford, England, and have two children, Hope Cherish and Noah Brave. Steve, her husband, is also a pastor at Life Church, UK.


Charlotte is well-known for her passion for the church in America, and her teachings have a global appeal. She regularly appears on Daystar, TBN, and The 700 Club, and has been a featured speaker at Women of Faith events.

She has spoken at the PINK conference at Gateway Church in Dallas and Colour at Hillsong Church in Australia. Charlotte, out of her love for women, has created a women’s event called CHERISH in Bradford, England. The event has expanded to Leeds, attracting nearly 10,000 people every June. In an interview, she mentioned that CHERISH is distinct from Life Church, emphasizing that it’s about empowering women to reach their full potential.

Charlotte is also in a ministry partnership with her best friend, Natalie Grant. Together, they are involved in the national Dare to Be women’s organization, which includes a dozen live events annually, a highly popular podcast, and daily inspirational moments on the KLOVE radio network.


Charlotte is the author of 10 books and Bible study teachings. In September 2021, she and her best friend released their latest book, “Dare to Be: God Is Able. Are You Willing?” from Harvest House Publishers. Some of her other books include “Identity,” “Now What?,” “The Miracle in the Middle,” “Turnaround God,” and “The One: Experience Jesus.”

Her messages about life and purpose are inspiring a generation to embrace the broken and become ambassadors of hope.

Pastor Charlotte Gambill’s Quotes

Here are some of Charlotte’s popular and inspiring quotes:

  1. Don’t allow Jealously to redirect your delivery.
  2. He never got caught up in the performance trap because He was called to a life of service, not success. Jesus was not in need of people’s approval, which meant He was always able to pursue the purpose for which He was sent.
  3. You can’t follow Jesus if you follow fear.
  4. Cravings appeal to your senses and your flesh, whereas the things of God will speak to your spirit.
  5. If you crave approval more than obedience, you will die in a grave built by your cravings.
  6. So much of the growth we could have had is lost because of the people we feared, or the opinions we allowed to redirect us.
  7. So much of the growth we could have had is lost because of the people we feared, or the opinions we allowed to redirect us.
  8. The ocean shallows still part of the ocean. Sometimes you have to start at the edge and work your way deeper. Not all adventures require a diving board some begin with a stroll that leads you into a swim.

Net Worth

Charlotte Gambill net worth is not known.

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