Biography of Brooke Ligertwood, Age, Career, Family And Net Worth

Brooke Ligertwood Biography : Brooke Gabrielle Ligertwood, formerly known by her maiden name Brooke Fraser, is a renowned New Zealand singer and songwriter. She gained widespread recognition for her popular song “Something in the Water,” which was released in 2010.

Brooke Ligertwood
Brooke Ligertwood


Brooke Fraser is the eldest of three children born to Bernie Fraser and his wife Lynda in Lautoka, Fiji. She grew up with two brothers, Matthew and Shea Fraser.

Brooke’s early life was in Lower Hutt’s Naenae, where she attended Dyer Street School, Naenae Intermediate School, and Naenae College. She started learning the piano when she was seven and continued until she was seventeen. At the age of twelve, she began writing her own songs, and by the time she turned fifteen, she had taught herself to play the acoustic guitar.

Brooke’s journey in the world of writing began at the age of fifteen when she contributed to Soul Purpose magazine. Her talents were quickly recognized, and in 2002, she was promoted to the position of editor.

However, her path took a different direction when she moved to Auckland in late 2002. Determined to pursue a career in music, she made the difficult decision to leave her role as an editor. Her dedication paid off in 2002 when, at the age of 18, Brooke Fraser signed a multi-album contract with Sony Music, following a competitive bidding war between record labels.

Brooke Fraser

Brooke Ligertwood Age

Born on the 15th December, 1983, in Wellington, New Zealand, Brooke Ligertwood is currently 40 years Old (2023)

Brook Ligertwood Family

Brooke is married to Scott Ligertwood. They tied the knot in 2008, shortly after Brooke had moved to Sydney in 2004 following the success of her first album. In her solo career, she used her maiden name, “Brooke Fraser,” until she released her live album “Seven” in 2022.

In March 2015, she happily announced her pregnancy with their first child. Their daughter was born on September 18, 2015. Currently, Brooke lives in Los Angeles, where she occasionally participates in the Sunday worship team at the Hillsong Church Los Angeles campus. On July 10, 2017, they welcomed another daughter into their family.


Brooke Ligertwood began her music journey when she was young. She played the piano and wrote songs. In 2003, her first album, “What to Do with Daylight,” became a big hit in New Zealand. People loved it, and it made her famous in the country. The album showed that she was great at singing and writing songs.

In 2006, Brooke Ligertwood released her second album called “Albertine.” People loved this one too, and she got awards, like the Best Female Solo Artist at the New Zealand Music Awards. The title song, “Albertine,” was inspired by her work with refugees in Rwanda, and it became one of her most famous songs.

In 2010, she made her third album, “Flags.” This album had different music styles, like folk and pop. It showed that she was good at different kinds of music.

Brooke Gabrielle Ligertwood
Brooke Gabrielle Ligertwood

After a break from making music, she came back in 2014 with her fourth album, “Brutal Romantic.” This album was different from her old ones because it had electronic and synth-pop sounds.

Brooke Ligertwood joined the Hillsong Worship group in 2005 and stayed with them until 2010. She went back to the group in 2016 because she wrote and sang their Grammy-winning song “What a Beautiful Name.” She used her married name, Brooke Ligertwood, for this.

She also made other famous songs with Hillsong Worship and by herself, like “Hosanna,” “Lead Me To The Cross,” “Better,” “Who You Say I Am,” “King of Kings,” and “Awake My Soul.”

Besides her own music, she is known for her work in Christian music. She helps with different Christian music projects and has lots of fans in the Christian music world.

People like Brooke Ligertwood’s music because she writes songs with deep meaning, sings with a lot of emotion, and makes melodies that people enjoy. She is admired for making songs that make people think and feel.

Net Worth

Brooke has an estimated net worth of $1.2 Million

Social Media

You can follow her on the following social media platforms:

Twitter: @brookefraser

Instagram: @brookefraser

YouTube: Brooke Ligertwood

Facebook: Brooke Fraser

Frequently Asked Questions About Brooke Ligertwood

  1. Who is Brooke Ligertwood?  Brooke Ligertwood is a New Zealand singer and songwriter known for her contributions to Christian music and her solo career.
  2. What is Brooke Ligertwood’s maiden name?  Brooke Ligertwood’s maiden name is Brooke Fraser.
  3.  When did Brooke Ligertwood release her debut album?  Brooke Ligertwood released her debut album, “What to Do with Daylight,” in 2003.
  4. What is Brooke Ligertwood’s most famous song?  One of Brooke Ligertwood’s most famous songs is “Something in the Water,” released in 2010.
  5.  Did Brooke Ligertwood have any formal music training?  Yes, Brooke Ligertwood began studying the piano at the age of seven and later taught herself to play the acoustic guitar.
  6. What inspired the song “Albertine” on Brooke Ligertwood’s second album?  The song “Albertine” was inspired by Brooke Ligertwood’s experiences working with refugees in Rwanda.
  7.  When did Brooke Ligertwood join Hillsong Worship, and for how long?  Brooke Ligertwood joined Hillsong Worship in 2005 and was part of the group until 2010, then rejoining in 2016.
  8.  What is the title of Brooke Ligertwood’s live album released in 2022?  Brooke Ligertwood’s live album released in 2022 is titled “Seven.”
  9. Where does Brooke Ligertwood currently reside?  Brooke Ligertwood presently resides in Los Angeles.
  10.  How many children does Brooke Ligertwood have, and when were they born?  Brooke Ligertwood has two daughters. Her first daughter was born on September 18, 2015, and her second daughter was born on July 10, 2017.