Bill Cloud Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievement

Bill Cloud is an American preacher from South Georgia, and he is the founder of Shoreshim Ministries, located in Tennessee.

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Bill Cloud grew up in a traditional Christian home in South Georgia, though his exact birthdate is unknown. In the 1980s, he experienced a spiritual transformation and developed a deep hunger for the word of God. In September 1988, he decided to make positive changes in his life and started attending a church in Deland, FL, with his family. It was here that they first learned about the significance of Israel and Jesus’ Jewish heritage.

In 1990, Bill took a trip to Israel to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. This experience deepened his love for the land, its people, and the language during what he calls an “ordained period.”

Inspired by this trip, Bill began learning Hebrew with the guidance of a local Rabbi. He has dedicated numerous hours to studying not only the Hebrew text but also the Hebraic foundations of Christianity. His goal is to uncover hidden treasures within the Bible and share them with believers in the Messiah, emphasizing our Hebraic roots.

This exploration has given Bill a better understanding of the prophetic aspects of Scripture. As a result of his research, Bill has created various media tools that focus on prophetic themes and lessons about our lost Hebraic heritage.

Family Life

Beth Cloud is married to Bill Cloud. They both grew up in the same town in South Georgia, attended rival high schools, and lived just a few doors apart. They started their relationship in March 1986 and had their first child, Brandon, in early 1988. Two years later, Nathan, their second son, was born. Their other children are Alan (born in 2003), Allison (born in 2005), and Melody, who married Brandon in 2018.

The family currently resides near Chattanooga, Tennessee.


After learning from a Rabbi, Bill moved to Tennessee with his family, settling in Cleveland. He started working for Perry Stone ministries’ Voice of Evangelism. During this time, Bill’s knowledge of Hebraic themes, including the language, became well-known, leading to requests for him to speak at various churches and conferences. In the early 2000s, they felt a calling from God to step into full-time ministry, and in May of that year, they founded Shoreshim Ministries.

Bill has shared platforms with notable teachers like Perry Stone, Jonathan Cahn, Joel Richardson, and Hal Lindsay at various venues across the country. He has also appeared on television shows broadcast on Christian networks worldwide.

Shoreshim Ministries, founded by Bill and his family, aims to reintroduce Christians to the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, and educate believers about the Hebraic roots of their faith. This knowledge helps followers of the Messiah better interpret end-of-the-world events and understand their role in the last days.

In February 2019, the Clouds felt another call to step out of their comfort zone. Bill’s travel was reduced as they started hosting meetings in Cleveland. In June 2019, they, along with their children and local believers, found Jacob’s tent. They continue to share the transformative message that has impacted their lives.

Net Worth

We don’t have an estimate for Bill Cloud’s net worth. However, his primary income comes from his work as a pastor.