Andrew F. Carter Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Andrew F. Carter is an American pastor, author, public speaker, and health and fitness coach. He leads the Royal City Church in Los Angeles and founded Andrew F. Carter Ministries, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving living conditions in less fortunate and underserved communities.


Andrew F. Carter was born on August 11, 1984 (age 37) in the United States. His parents were struggling with addiction, and he came from a broken home in China Town. Information about his upbringing or whether he had siblings is limited.

After being taken into foster care, Andrew was exposed to social and spiritual vices such as drugs, sex, and violence. At the age of 12, he started drinking, selling drugs, and faced instability while his mom dealt with legal issues. He also spent 18 months in jail for violence-related offenses during the period when he lost his first marriage.


Carter has earned two college degrees. One is in Community Health Education, and the other is in Health Promotion and Education.

Family Life

Pastor Carter is married to Kyra Carter, and this is his second marriage. The identity of his first wife is not public knowledge, but they had three sons together: Andrew Jr., Ezra, and Zavier. The first marriage broke down when he went to jail. He married Kyra in 2021, and they started ministry together the same year.

Recently, Andrew and Kyra announced they are expecting their fourth child, a baby girl. They celebrated with a gender reveal party attended by friends and family.


Pastor Carter’s path to ministry was unusual. Growing up in foster care exposed him to various challenges, and he didn’t encounter Christ during that time. He lacked a pastoral or Christian background.

Even after finding Christ, he faced a setback with an 18-month jail term for a violence-related offense. Despite this, Pastor Andrews shares about God’s faithfulness since his release.

He never thought of himself as a suitable candidate for ministry due to his past. However, he’s grateful that he answered God’s call, even though it took him 13 years to make that decision. This choice followed the viral success of his TikTok video, which touched many lives.


Andrew is currently the lead pastor of Royal City Church in Los Angeles, where he serves alongside his wife, Kyra. Besides leading the church, he actively uses social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter to share his testimony, spread the gospel, offer prayers, and encourage others in their faith journey. Andrew travels to different churches and youth gatherings to share his testimony and inspire fellow believers.

Expressing his vision, Carter desires to travel and speak at conferences. He aims to share his life’s struggles and how he overcame them, inspiring people to persevere. Additionally, he wants to provide tools for others to make a positive impact and ignite the change needed in the world.

Beyond his pastoral and speaking roles, Andrew is the founder of Andrew F. Carter Ministries, a non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of underprivileged individuals in society.


Andrew F. Carter works as a Level 1 CrossFit trainer at Hub City CrossFit. Additionally, he hosts a podcast named “Coach Carter’s Motivational Movement.” Every day, he shares motivational and faith-filled content on Instagram and is developing his own apparel line called “SHIFTED.” This brand represents seven key characteristics: Selfless, Humble, Inspiring, Fearless, Thoughtful, Empathetic, and Dedicated.


Some of Andrew F Carter’s popular sermons include:

  1. I’m Lost
  2. Guilt, Shame, And Regret
  3. The World is Confused
  4. Room for Growth
  5. God Forgot About Me
  6. This Life isn’t Yours
  7. God Wants To Use You
  8. Inviting Disruption in 2022
  9. Listen Up! God is Talking
  10. So You Had A Bad Day


Andrew has written 31 devotionals and authored a book titled “The Struggle is Real: But So Is God.”

Net Worth

Andrew F. Carter net worth is unknown.

Social Media

You can find Andrew F. Carter on the below social media platforms:

  1. Instagram: @andrewfcarter
  2. Tiktok: @andrewfcarter
  3. YouTube: @Andrew F Carter Ministries