Toni Collier Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Toni Collier is well-known for writing books and speaking to large groups of people. She has been through tough times like abuse, a bad marriage, and feeling hurt by church. But she found hope and healing. Toni’s talks are full of energy and passion. She can connect with anyone, no matter their age, gender, or background.


Toni Collier was bron on the 19th of July, 1991.

Birth Place

Toni Collier was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

Family Life

Toni Collier’s parents’ names are unknown. When Toni was young, her mother got very sick. She had a stroke when Toni was in third grade. Toni had to take care of her mother, which made her grow up quickly.

Toni Collier has been married twice. She got married for the first time at 19, instead of going to Law school as she planned. Her first marriage didn’t last long; they divorced when their child was only two years old. Toni’s father had warned her against this marriage, which turned out to be toxic and abusive. After therapy and counseling, Toni was able to heal. At 26, Toni found her dream man, Sam Collier, who is now her loving husband. Sam is the lead pastor of Hillsong Atlanta. They’ve been happily married for over 5 years and live with their children in Atlanta.

Toni Collier had a daughter named Dylan from her first marriage. With her current husband Sam, they have a son named Sammie, just like his father. Toni and Sam take good care of both children and help them grow with love.


Toni Collier went to a high school in Texas and later got a degree from Sam Houston State University. Her degree was in business logistics and entrepreneurship. She used what she learned to help many churches and businesses grow. Toni has worked with various organizations in different roles, like leadership, planning, innovation, and marketing.


Toni Collier is a Co-senior pastor at Hillsong Atlanta. She started her ministry in Atlanta when she moved there during her first marriage. Even though she regretted moving after her divorce, she grew to love Atlanta deeply. Toni founded “Broken Crayons Still Colour,” an international women’s ministry. Its goal is to encourage women to speak up, heal, and hold onto hope. She’s passionate about helping teenagers and women see God’s plan for their lives, no matter what they’re going through. Toni has a big online audience where she teaches that being broken doesn’t make us unworthy. She believes God uses us even when things aren’t perfect.


Here are some inspiring books by Toni Collier:

  1. “Overcomer: Defeating Anxiety and Abuse”
  2. “Brave Enough to Be Broken: How to Embrace Your Pain and Discover Hope and Healing”
  3. “Broken Crayons Still Color”

Net Worth

Toni Collier net worth is not disclosed to the public domain.

Social Media

You can find Toni Collier on the following social media platforms:

  1. Instagram: @tonijcollier
  2. Instagram: @brkncrayons
  3. Twitter: @tonijcollier

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Toni Collier?

Toni Collier is a pastor, author, speaker, and founder of the international women’s ministry “Broken Crayons Still Color.”

2. Where was Toni Collier born?

Toni Collier was born in Houston, Texas.

3. What is Toni Collier’s educational background?

Toni Collier attended a local high school in Texas and earned a degree in business logistics and entrepreneurship from Sam Houston State University.

4. How did Toni Collier start her ministry?

Toni Collier began her ministry in Atlanta after moving there during her first marriage.