Shane Winnings Biography, Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Shane Winnings, from the United States, is an evangelist passionate about bringing Jesus to the next generation (GENZ). He used to be an Afghan Vet and a police officer.


Shane Winnings was born on August 22, 1990, in Florida, USA, is a former Afghan soldier and police officer. He became an evangelist after answering God’s call. His father’s name is Kenneth Phillips Winnings.

Family Life

Jessica Winnings is Shane’s life partner, born on May 21, 1994. They met through Shane’s viral social media post and maintained a ten-month long-distance relationship before marrying in 2018. They now have a baby named Elijah, born in December 2021.

In 2020, the couple faced tough times with Shane getting hit by an RV, Jessica falling sick, and financial challenges leaving them without a house for four months. Despite this, in May 2021, Shane and Jessica left their jobs to become full-time missionaries with One Voice, reaching Gen Z online and in public high schools across America.


Winnings, a former Afghan police officer and veteran, worked as a law enforcement officer with the Federal Way Police Department in Washington for five years until 2021 when he resigned.

On May 1, 2021, Shane’s life took a dramatic turn when the Lord told him to leave his job and become an unpaid missionary. Following God’s instructions, Shane and his wife arrived in McKinney, Texas, 19 days later to start a new life.

Shane emphasized the importance of always obeying God’s voice throughout his journey with the Lord.


Shane is now a missionary with One Voice Student Missions. He serves as a Social Director for the Jesus Clubs, leading a team of all-digital missionaries with a combined following of about 10 million people.

The goal of digital missions is to inspire in-person evangelism, advertise events, and be a platform to share the gospel with audiences beyond what any physical stadium could hold.

Shane Winnings Podcast

Apart from his ministry, the evangelist has two podcasts. One is called “Pursuing Jesus” on Apple Podcasts, and the other is “Sunday Mornings with Shane Winnings” on SoundCloud. He shares these podcasts on TikTok, using the platform to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Shane Winnings Books 

Shane Winnings has one published work to his credit. He is the author of the book, I Will Always Overcome A 63-Day Guide to Lasting Faith. 

The book is for everyone who is struggling with fear and anxiety.  I Will Always Overcome is a great book that will teach you how to throw your cares on Jesus, express your faith in the face of adversity, and triumph in Christ. It is divided into 3 sections/Weeks:

  •  1–3: IDENTITY:Establishing biblical truths about who God is and who you are in Him.
  •  4–6: AUTHORITY:Understanding the authority you have in Christ and dismantling the lies that come against it.
  •  6–9: ACTIVATION:Declaring the truth of your purpose and destiny in Christ, and dismantling fear of the unknown.

Net Worth

Shane Winnings net worth is not disclosed to the public.

Social Media

You can find Shane Winnings on the below social media platforms:

  1. Instagram: @shane.winnings
  2. Facebook: @Shane Winnings
  3. Tiktok: @shane.winnings