Shameka Daniels Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Shameka Daniels is an American pastor, speaker, author, and life coach. She’s married to Pastor Dharius Daniels from Change Church in Atlanta.


Shameka L. Daniels was born in the United States in 1979. There’s no available information about her family or childhood.

Now, she’s a speaker, trainer, and coach for women, married couples, and leaders. She deeply cares about helping people who feel broken to find strength and completeness.


Shameka Daniels was born on March 23rd, 1979.


Shameka holds a Bachelor of Arts in Software Engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi. She also has a Masters in Health & Human Counseling, specializing in Marriage and Family.

Moreover, she’s certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist by the Grief Recovery Institute. Additionally, she’s certified as a John C. Maxwell Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker.

Family Life

She’s married to Dharius Daniels, who is the founder and senior pastor of Change Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Her husband, like Shameka, was also born in 1979.

They have two children, Dharius Seth and Gabriel Micah, and Shameka is a proud mother to both of them.


As a prominent figure in the church, she plays a significant role in managing various aspects of the church such as creativity, administration, and organization.

Running the women’s ministry named Lioness at Change Church, Shameka leads and guides the women, giving them the confidence and motivation to embrace their unique selves. She uses workshops, gatherings, and creative activities to coach and support women in discovering their purpose.

Pastor Shameka initiated Project 2540, a humanitarian effort focused on transforming the lives of children in Haiti. She’s made a difference by establishing a program in the country and leading numerous mission trips to support children in Port Au Prince, Haiti, enhancing their spiritual and physical well-being.

She serves on multiple boards and acts as the President of Project 2540, an outreach organization.

Describing herself as multi-talented, versatile, and creative, Shameka is deeply committed to helping others find joy and peace in their lives, emphasizing the importance of self-improvement as the foundation for a fulfilling life.


Shameka wrote a book called “Arise: Finding Healing through Broken Pieces.” This self-help book provides a glimpse into Shameka’s own life.

Her passion for aiding those who feel broken inspired her to write “Arise” with a singular aim: to assist readers in discovering healing amid brokenness.


Here is a few of Shameka’s life changing and inspiring sermons:

  • What Would Jesus’ Mother Do
  • Re imaging Her
  • Re imaging Wealth
  • Give Me Some Credit

Net Worth

Shameka Daniels is not disclosed to the public. We will update this post as soon as the said information is being disclosed to the public.

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