Sandra Ellen McCollom Biography: Age, Family, Career, Net Worth and Achievements

Sandra McCollom is a preacher, writer, and the daughter of well-known American pastor, Joyce Meyer.”


Sandra McCollom was born in Missouri, USA, to her parents, Joyce and David Meyer, on October 8th, 1969. She grew up with her three siblings: Laurie Marie Holtzman, David Meyer, and Daniel Meyer.

At the age of 8, Sandra became a Christian, but she struggled with legalism, trying too hard to please God. This mindset affected her family too.

Now, Sandra runs a blog called Freedom Living Ministries. It shares her journey of grace and how the gospel of grace preached by Paul transforms every part of our lives.

Family Life

Sandra is married to Steve McCollom, and they’ve been together for over 20 years since their marriage in 1991. They have twin daughters named Starr and Angel. Both Sandra and Steve are fully dedicated to their ministry work. They live with their family in the St. Louis area of Missouri.


McCollom serves as a pastor at her local church, Living Word Church. Despite being a minister’s child, she struggled with her relationship with God. She explained how she followed strict rules, known as legalism, to try to please God.

She realized that her legalistic beliefs stemmed from misconceptions about God, leaving her feeling inadequate and stressed. In December 2011, she reached a breaking point and prayed desperately for help.

About a week later, on January 2nd, 2012, she experienced a profound moment during her time with God, feeling overwhelmed by His unconditional love. This encounter marked the beginning of a journey of grace that changed her life, marriage, parenting, and relationships.

Now, McCollom is grateful for the transformation grace has brought to her life, acknowledging herself as God’s daughter and understanding His loving nature. She’s committed to living in this grace and is thankful for what God has done for her.


Sandra is an author, and she has one published book called “I Tried Until I Almost Died.” In this book, she shares her story of overcoming anxiety and fear. It also teaches readers how to find freedom by trusting in God’s grace.

Net Worth

Sandra Ellen McCollom Net Worth is not known.

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