Pastor Jimmy Rollins Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Jimmy Rollins, an American preacher and speaker, used to lead i5 City Church near Baltimore, Maryland. Later, it merged with Destiny Harvest Church. He’s known for his insightful preaching, leadership skills, and generosity. Currently, Rollins and his wife serve as apostolic pastors at Union Church, Maryland.


Pastor Jimmy was born in 1974 in America and grew up in a Christian family. His father, Bishop James Rollins, founded Living Waters Worship Center in 1994. Bishop Rollins, a historical figure, was the first African-American to attend Arundel High School in the 1960s and served in the American Army during the Vietnam War, drafted in 1967.

Pastor Jimmy’s mother, Valerie Rollin, was also an Apostle. Together, Bishop James and Apostle Valerie launched Living Waters Worship Center in 1994.


Rollins was born on January 24, 1974.

Family Life

Pastor Jimmy Rollins is married to Irene Rollins, and together, they have three nearly grown children named Kayla, Jaden, and Maya, along with three bulldogs named Diesel, Bentley, and Gucci, who are like family.

After serving at i5 City Church for a decade, they entered a new phase, responding to the apostolic call on their lives. Pastor Jimmy and Irene now lead the Union Network, providing support to numerous pastors, churches, and leaders nationwide.

Their goal is to inspire a generation of change-makers committed to impacting both the local community and the world. Their dedication to strengthening marriages, developing healthy leaders, reshaping the concept of church, and investing in the next generation is evident in everything they do.


Jimmy Rollins and his wife are the Apostolic pastors of Union Church. Before, they led i5 City Church, which started in 1994 as ‘Living Waters Worship Center’ by his father, Bishop James Rollins.

In 2012, Jimmy took over ‘Living Waters Worship Center’ from his father and renamed it i5 City Church.

In 2020, Pastors Stephen Chandler of Destiny Harvest Church and Jimmy began a mission to bring their congregations together. After prayer and guidance from overseers and elders, Destiny Church and i5 City Church merged to form Union Church on April 4th, 2021, based on Psalm 133:1.

Jimmy and Irene lead Union Network and founded Two Equals One, a community guiding couples to discover the formula for a love-filled, lasting marriage.

Additionally, Jimmy oversees various churches nationwide and, as a strategic partner of the Association of Related Churches (ARC), teaches church leadership teams globally.


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Pastor Rollins has written a book called “Love Outside the Lines: Beyond the Boundaries of Race, Difference, and Preference.”

Net Worth

We don’t know Pastor Jimmy Rollins’ net worth, but he earns most of his money from public speaking and pastoral work.

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