Pastor Jared Ellis Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Jared Ellis, from Sacramento in the United States, is a pastor, author, and public speaker. He serves as the lead pastor of E2 Church Sacramento, alongside his wife, Trinh.


Pastor Jared Ellis was born on June 22, 1991, in Long Island, New York. Growing up in a Christian home, he was familiar with church and ministry. However, after losing his father at the age of 11, he drifted away from God and the church.

Jared spent his teenage years indulging in sin, rebellion, and various immoral behaviors. He even struggled with addiction, experienced suicidal thoughts, and battled depression during this difficult period.


Jared received training for ministry at Christ For The Nations in Dallas. Later, he went on to attend the School of Supernatural Ministry at Bethel Church.

Journey Back To Faith

Pastor Jared’s encounter with revival happened when he was 16 years old. Even though he was running from God, everything changed when God unexpectedly met him at a youth conference. This encounter marked a turning point in Jared’s life.

Without hesitation, Jared responded to the call to ministry. He journeyed back to his hometown of Long Island, NY, where he began preaching and leading worship at various churches and conferences.


After finishing high school, Jared went to Dallas, Texas, following God’s guidance. He received training at Christ For The Nations and also worked on staff at a youth camp that impacts over 4,000 teenagers each summer. Additionally, he spent a year at Bethel Church, leading worship and attending the School of Supernatural Ministry.

Following his season of training, Jared moved to Abilene, Texas, where he worked for three years as a Student/Worship Pastor at Fountaingate Fellowship. Currently residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, he is actively involved in Elevation Church, a ministry that attracts over 20,000 attendees each weekend.

E2 Church

While Jared was still serving as a pastor at Elevation Church, God guided him to take a significant step. In February 2017, God called Pastor Jared to elevate the mission further by reaching the city of Sacramento and launching E2 Church.

The launch of E2 Church has been remarkable, making it one of the fastest-growing churches in America.

Family Life

Pastor Ellis is married to Trinh Ellis, who hails from Vietnam. Jared proposed to Trinh in November 2018, and they tied the knot in June 2019. Together, they share a life and pastor a church in Sacramento.


Pastor Jared Ellis is also an author, with two published works to his name. One of his books is titled “Unlocking Your Destiny,” covering topics like calling, dreams, favor, leadership, success, and more. It serves as a strategic guide for readers to navigate the path that God has set before them.

His second book is “Yes: Simple Response Radical Results,” emphasizing the importance and profitability of saying yes to the call of God.

Pastor Jared Ellis Sermons

Some of Pastor Jared’s life-changing sermons include: 

  • The God Who is able
  • 7 ways to build wealth wisely
  • Supernatural Stewardship
  • The 4 Tactics of a winning team
  • Try some self-care
  • There is a secret in the sabbath
  • The Power of Same
  • Order Your Life
  • Don’t Put God First. 
  • Finding Focus

Net Worth

Pastor Jared Ellis net worth is not known.

Social Media

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  3. YouTube: @E2 Church