Matthew Hagee Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Matthew Charles Hagee is an American preacher and singer. He leads at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, and is the son of well-known preacher John Hagee. Cornerstone Church is a big church that teaches evangelical Christian beliefs.

Matthew Hagee is famous for preaching, teaching, and singing. He talks about things like faith, family, and Christian living. He also helps with the worship music at Cornerstone Church and plays a part in their worship services.


Matthew Charles Hagee grew up in San Antonio, Texas, USA. His dad, John Hagee, was a minister, and his mom is named Diana Castro.

Matt Hagee started preaching when he was young. At 12, he told his dad he wanted to be a priest, and Pastor John Hagee began teaching him. Matthew gave his first sermon at 17 while in college in New Jersey.

Family Life

Matthew Hagee is married to Kendal Hagee, and they tied the knot on September 20, 2015. They have four wonderful children: Hannah Rose, Joel Charles, Madison Katherine, and John William. The whole family resides in San Antonio, Texas.

Kendal Hagee studied nursing at the University of Texas, and she aims to use her skills to support the church in the future.


Matthew Hagee finished his studies at Oral Roberts University. He also earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas.


He was born on July 22, 1978.


Matthew Hagee serves as the executive pastor at Cornerstone Church, which has around 20,000 members. This church, founded by Pastor John C. Hagee, is non-denominational and focuses on evangelical teachings. Diana Hagee, Matthew’s mother, helps organize special events for both Cornerstone Church and Cornerstone Christian School.

Matthew works alongside his father, John Hagee, in ministry. Kendal Hagee, Matthew’s wife, and Diana Hagee lead the Women’s Ministries at the church.


  1. A Nation on Its Knees
  2. The unveiling of a Mystery
  3. The Light of the World
  4. Follow The Signs
  5. The Attitude of Praise
  6. The Domino Effect
  7. Is He Getting What He Paid For?
  8. Who Is Worthy??
  9. How Free Do You Want To Be?
  10. The Power of “If”


Hagee is not only a preacher but also a well-known author. Matthew has written books such as “Shaken, Not Shattered,” published by Strang Communications, and “Response-Able” by Charisma.


Besides founding a gospel quartet that won a Dove Award, Canton Junction, and Digital Media which is a music label, Hagee has produced several songs such as;

  • I Don’t Want to Get Adjusted
  • I Count it Joy
  • Back On My Feet Again
  • This Ain’t Nothin’
  • That’s Jesus
  • He Still Speaks
  • Until Then
  • My Nomination
  • Had it Not Been
  • The Day He Wore My Crown feat. Larry Stewart and Dave Innis
  • Sweet Sweet Spirit/ He is Here

Net Worth

Matthew’s estimated net worth is $950,000. The respected man of God has earned a significant amount through his work in evangelism. Additionally, his songs have contributed significantly to his overall value.

Social Media

You can find Matthew Hagee on the below social media platforms:

  1. Instagram: @matthagee
  2. Facebook: @Matt And Kendal Hagee
  3. Twitter: @PastorMattHagee