Matt Brown Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Matt Brown, originally from the United States, is an author, evangelist, and the founder of Think Eternity. Most importantly, he is a caring husband, father, and has a deep love for God and humanity.


Matt Brown was born on March 9, 1983, in the United States. With a solid spiritual foundation, he understands believers from all walks of life. His ancestors include Italian Catholics and German Mennonites, like Henry Brown, the first missionary to China in 1909 in the Anabaptist Mennonite movement.

Encountering Christ at a young age during a revival in Delano, Minnesota, Matt is now one of America’s popular evangelists. He’s written books and founded the “Think Eternity” podcast. Matt and his family live in Minneapolis.


Matt attended a public high school in Delano, Minnesota. Later, he went to Bible College at North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Family Life

Evangelist Brown is a proud father of four kids, and he and his wife, Michelle, gave birth to their third and final child in March 2022. Matt and Michelle have been married for 17 years, tying the knot on May 11, 2005, right after finishing college.

Michelle, a realtor, is not only a great parent but also the CEO of ReMax Results, a real estate agency. She has a deep spiritual history; for instance, one of her ancestors was ordained as a priest by John Wesley of the Methodist Church. Her grandfather, G. Mark Denyes, founded Emmanuel, a prominent church near Minneapolis. Following in his footsteps, Michelle’s father also became a pastor at Emmanuel Church.


Additionally, Matt is the founder of Think Eternity. Generally, it is a community of people who come together to share and encourage one another in faith.

Particularly, the aim of Think Eternity is fulfilled through 4 focuses which are:

  • Powerful Faith Content
  • Digital Missions
  • Outreaches
  • Young Influencers

In the early years, Think Eternity was registered as a nonprofit organization. The name ‘Think Eternity‘ was chosen to reflect the desire to think and live with eternity values in view.

The Think Eternity team is simply made up of a group of gifted friends across America to proclaim the gospel. For the most part, the ministry team has been able to achieve the following since its inception:

  • Written and published many books
  • Written hundreds of articles
  • produce short films
  • hosted 6 weekly podcast shows
  • ministered to tens of millions of followers on social media.

Think Eternity Ministries

In relation to the vision of the ministry, some programs which are part of the Think Eternity Ministry are:

  • Roaring Twenties Fast: A call for one million young people to fast and pray in the roaring twenties.
  • Ignite Outreach: An outreach that brings churches together to proclaim the gospel
  • Forge Conference: The forge Conferences aims at raising up young evangelists, in the spirit of Billy Graham conferences in Amsterdam
  • Digital Missions: The first generation in history with the opportunity to share Jesus online
  • Digital Billy Grahams: An outreach with an objective of raising 1000 Digital Billy Grahams to take Christ to culture
  • Young Influencers: Actively encouraging and disciplining hundreds of young influencers.

Matt Brown’s Books 

In the meantime, Matt Brown is the author of many devotionals and life-changing books. Examples of his books are:

Awakening: How God’s Great Move Inspires & Influences Our Lives Today

Truth Plus Love: The Jesus Way to Influence

Net Worth

Evangelist Matt Brown is considered one of the wealthiest preachers in the United States, with an estimated net worth of around $11 million.

Social Media

You can find Matt Brown on the below social media platforms:

  1. Facebook: @Matt Brown
  2. Twitter: @PastorMattBrown
  3. Instagram: @evangelistmatt