Pastor Larry Brey Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Larry Brey, also known as Lawrence Charles Brey, is the campus pastor at Elevation’s University City site. Before he became a pastor, Larry Brey worked as a college professor and director of sports medicine at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina.


Larry Brey was born on June 30, 1970, in North Carolina, and he grew up with four siblings, including one sister. His father and grandfather both served in the military; Grand Pa Gilman participated in World War 1, and his father was in the Army reserves. Unfortunately, Larry didn’t have a happy home due to his father’s struggles with alcoholism.

Growing up in this environment, Larry sought an escape and found it in wrestling. He joined the wrestling team as a teenager and did well, even wrestling alongside his older brother. However, his wrestling career came to an end when he injured his elbow in his freshman year of college.

After his wrestling days, Larry struggled with alcohol, mirroring his father’s behavior. It wasn’t until he encountered Christ that he found a way out of this destructive path.

After college, Larry became a college lecturer at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina, where he also served as the University’s director of sports medicine.

In 2018, Larry underwent a major back surgery due to spinal stenosis, a condition where the spinal cord gets compressed. This condition had led to a loss of feeling and muscle control in both legs, and without surgery, he faced the prospect of being confined to a wheelchair.

Family Life

Pastor Brey is married to Janet Brey, and they tied the knot on October 28, 2001. Their marriage has been blessed with four kids: Corbin, Lenya, Daelyn, and Karsyn. The family resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Growing up, Pastor Brey only attended church during special events. His connection with Jesus became real at the age of 27 when, during college, he attended a Bible study with a friend and met Christ.

Larry Brey, previously a college professor and sports medicine director at Gardner-Webb University, was also an athletic trainer. He left all that behind to join a group of eight families supporting a young, passionate pastor aiming to change the world — Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church.

As one of Elevation Church’s founding members, Pastor Brey took attendance on the first Sunday and initially served as the assimilation pastor, taking on various roles.

Currently, he has been the campus pastor of Elevation Church’s University Location for the past 15 years. The campus sees around 12,000 members attending every week.

Sermons 2023

Here is a list of some of Pastor Brey’s life changing sermons:

  1. Between Two Extremes
  2. It’s Your Time
  3. The Other Side of promise
  4. Give Me A Sign
  5. Don’t Settle For Ordinary
  6. Fill In The Gap
  7. The Word On The Street
  8. Heavy Handed
  9. Let’s Face It
  10. One Day

Net Worth

We don’t have information on Pastor Larry Brey’s net worth, and estimating it is not possible at the moment. However, his main income comes from his work as a pastor.

Social Media

You can find Pastor Larry Brey on the below social media platforms:

  1. Instagram: @lbrey
  2. Twitter: @LBrey