Juanita Bynum Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Juanita Bynum is a renowned actress, gospel musician, author, and pastor, known for her ability to excel in multiple areas of her life. She is also recognized as a self-proclaimed prophetess.

Her impactful preaching, inspirational speaking engagements, and gospel music ministry have gained her significant popularity within the Christian community. Juanita Bynum’s messages often center on spirituality, empowerment, and personal growth.

Beyond her speaking engagements and ministry, Juanita Bynum has released several gospel albums and songs, showcasing her musical talents. She is also an author, with her books focusing on spiritual and personal development. Her work has touched the lives of many people seeking spiritual guidance and motivation.


Dr. Juanita Bynum was born to her parents on the 16th day of January 1959.

Family Life

There is no current information available about Dr. Juanita Bynum’s marital status. Her first marriage was with Thomas Wesley Weeks III for 6 years, from 2002 to 2008. Prior to that, she had another marriage that ended due to domestic violence. Following her second marriage, she openly discussed the reason for the breakup, which was again domestic violence. When she shared this information, some people found it hard to believe, considering her reputation as a teacher of women’s empowerment and the perception of having a perfect marriage. Despite skepticism, Juanita affirmed the truth of her experience, even providing specific instances during an interview on Good Morning America.

Dr. Juanita has three sisters, Kathy Bynum, Janice Bynum, and Regina Bynum, along with a brother named Thomas Bynum. While her specific position in the family is not known, these are the names of her siblings.


Dr. Juanita is involved in music, specifically singing gospel worship songs. She has been singing and writing songs since 1995 and has collaborated with RCA Labels.

She earned a doctoral degree in theology from Truth for Living Bible College in Jacksonville, Florida. Additionally, she holds a bachelor’s degree in ministry and business administration, along with several other degrees.

Net Worth

Dr. Bynum’s net worth is approximately $10,000,000 (ten million dollars). She amassed this wealth from her various roles as an American actress, singer, author, televangelist, and other endeavors.


Below are some specially written books by Dr. Juanita: 

  1. The threshing floor
  2. No more sheets: the truth about sex
  3. Matters of the heart: stop trying
  4. My spiritual inheritance
  5. Topical bible
  6. Don’t get off the train
  7. Praying from the third dimension
  8. Experiencing his presence
  9. A heart for Jesus
  10. Morning glory: devotional


Below are some spirit lifting sermons by Dr. Juanita:

  1. Recalibrated: keep it moving
  2. Your vision is not dead work it
  3. You were chosen to be helped
  4. The power the depths of worship
  5. My imprint did it
  6. Work with the warfare
  7. Your purpose in prayers
  8. The power of a finisher


Below are some spirit filling sermons by Dr. Juanita:

  1. When a bomb detonates, it explodes because of what’s on the inside, not the outside… Take care of yourself!
  2. Don’t let the enemy steal another moment of your joy and peace! Take it back!
  3. The Truth that you know is what makes you free.
  4. Don’t try to figure everything out yourself. Rest in The Lord – He has you!
  5. What is man’s opinion over God’s decision for your life! If God said it, that settles it!
  6. You learn from mentors or experience.
  7. The teacher has not taught until the pupil has learned. Your legacy outlives you.
  8. Little people can do big things. There is always room to make a difference!
  9. God is always attracted to people who don’t have enough.
  10. Deliverance is coming to you and your household! Believe and receive it! There is nothing too difficult for God.

Social Media

You can find Juanita Bynum on the below social media platforms:

  1. Instagram: @iamdrjuanitabynum
  2. Twitter (X): @iamdrjbynum
  3. Website: www.juanitabynum.com