Dr. David Jeremiah Biography: Age, Family, Career and Achievements

Dr. David Jeremiah is a prominent figure in the Christian community, renowned as a pastor, author, and founder of Turning Point Ministries. Born on February 13, 1941, in Toledo, Ohio, USA, he has dedicated his life to spreading the message of the Gospel and guiding believers in their spiritual journey.\

Early Life and Education

David Paul Jeremiah was born on February 13, 1941, in Toledo, Ohio, USA. Raised in a Christian household, he was introduced to the teachings of the Bible from a young age. Despite facing challenges and hardships during his formative years, including the loss of his father at an early age, David’s faith remained steadfast.

After completing his education, David pursued a career in ministry, earning a Bachelor’s degree from Cedarville University and a Master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. His academic pursuits laid the foundation for his future as a respected theologian, pastor, and author.

Faith Journey

David Jeremiah’s journey to faith was marked by a profound encounter with God’s grace and redemption. Through personal struggles and challenges, he discovered the transformative power of God’s love and the significance of living a life aligned with His will.

In 1981, David Jeremiah assumed the role of senior pastor at Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California, where he would serve faithfully for over four decades. Under his leadership, the church grew into a thriving community of believers, dedicated to worship, fellowship, and service.

Ministry and Contributions

As the founder and senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, David Jeremiah has had a profound impact on the lives of his congregation and millions of others worldwide. Through his dynamic preaching, insightful teaching, and prolific writing, he has inspired individuals to deepen their faith, pursue spiritual growth, and live with purpose.

David Jeremiah is also the founder of Turning Point Ministries, a multimedia organization dedicated to delivering the message of the Gospel through radio, television, and online platforms. Through Turning Point, he reaches millions of people each week with his broadcasts, offering biblical insights, practical wisdom, and encouragement for daily living.

Impact and Legacy

Dr. David Jeremiah’s impact extends far beyond the walls of his church or the reach of his ministry. His teachings have touched the lives of countless individuals, offering them hope, guidance, and a deeper understanding of God’s word.

Through his commitment to excellence, integrity, and humility, David Jeremiah has set an example for leaders in both the church and the broader community. His legacy serves as a testament to the transformative power of faith, the importance of servant leadership, and the enduring impact of a life dedicated to God’s purposes.

Net Worth

Dr. David Jeremiah have an estimated net worth of about $55 million.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Dr. David Jeremiah?

Dr. David Jeremiah is a renowned Christian pastor, author, and founder of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries. He is widely known for his evangelical teachings and is considered a leading voice in Christian ministry worldwide.

2. When and where was Dr. David Jeremiah born?

Dr. David Jeremiah was born on February 13, 1941, in Toledo, Ohio, United States.

3. What is Dr. David Jeremiah’s educational background?

Dr. David Jeremiah earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Cedarville University and his Master of Divinity from Dallas Theological Seminary. He also holds a Doctor of Divinity degree from Cedarville University.

4. What is Turning Point Ministries, and when was it founded?

Turning Point Ministries is a Christian media ministry founded by Dr. David Jeremiah. It encompasses radio and television broadcasts, online resources, publications, and live events. Turning Point was founded in 1982.

5. What are some of Dr. David Jeremiah’s notable books?

Dr. David Jeremiah has authored numerous bestselling books, including “What in the World Is Going On?”, “The Book of Signs”, “Is This the End?”, “Agents of the Apocalypse”, and “The Coming Economic Armageddon”, among others.

6. How can I listen to or watch Dr. David Jeremiah’s teachings?

Dr. David Jeremiah’s sermons and teachings are available through Turning Point Ministries’ radio and television broadcasts, as well as through their website and mobile app. Many of his messages can also be found on various streaming platforms.