Donna Jeremiah Biography: Age, Ministry, Church and Net Worth

Donna Jeremiah, previously Donna Thompson, is the wife of Dr. David Jeremiah. She is an entrepreneur and a spiritual guide. Donna was born on July 29, 1940.

She graduated from Cedarville University in 1963 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Later, she attended Dallas Theological Seminary, where she earned her Master of Arts in Christian Education. After her studies, she worked as a teacher and counselor.


Donna Jeremiah was born on the 29th of July, 1940.


Donna is married to Dr. David Jeremiah. They have four children and twelve grandchildren whom they cherish dearly.


Donna has always worked alongside her husband, Dr. David Jeremiah, in the ministry. They began a church in Fort Wayne, Texas, with only 7 families as members. They were also active at Blackhawk Baptist Church while growing their own church.

As time passed, their church grew, and they started the Blackhawk School and a TV program called “The Bible Hour.”

In 1981, Donna and her husband relocated to California and joined Scott Memorial Baptist Church, which they later renamed Shadow Mountain Community Church. Donna was appointed as the Vice-President of the Church, with her husband as the head pastor.

Additionally, Donna and David established the Christian Unified Kindergarten School and the Southern California Seminary.


Donna is a skilled writer who has authored books like “Storm Over Coronado” and “Intrigue In Coronado.”

Net Worth

Donna Jeremiah net worth is not revealed to the public domain.