Cristina Baker Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Cristina Baker is an American evangelist, author, and speaker. She is passionate about helping people experience the love of God and discover hope in His son, Jesus.


Cristina Baker, originally Cristina Amanda Cabrera, was born in 1984, and not much is known about her background except that she has South American roots.

Growing up was tough for Cristina, and things got even worse during her teenage years due to childhood abuse, leading to a traumatic life. At 15, Cristina and her father, who had lost their home and were homeless, were taken in by a family from a local church. Despite being an atheist, Cristina attended church with them because the family loved God.

Living in a tent on a beach in Hawaii at 15, Cristina faced homelessness. During the day, she would go to internet cafés to inform relatives about her situation. At 16, she moved to Houston to stay with her aunts and uncles, but they were unsure how to support her troubled situation.

Her brother, on an athletic scholarship in Pennsylvania, offered help, and she found herself on a flight to Pennsylvania, where she stayed near his dorm. After her brother’s basketball coach, Dave Manzer, learned about her story, he sought help during a staff meeting at his church. Jim and Sharon Hess, a couple in attendance, offered to take Baker under their wing, and she lived with them for three years until she graduated from high school.


There is no information about Cristina’s birth family, but she is married to Ryan Baker. They got married on March 5, 2005, when Cristina was 21. The couple has a son named Evan, who will turn 16 this year. They live in Austin, Texas.

Cristina Baker Journey To Faith

Cristina, once an atheist who questioned the existence of God due to a traumatic childhood and teenage struggles with addiction, experienced a life-changing event when she was arrested for drug possession. Expecting to go to jail, she decided to surrender to God and opened up to the DA about her situation.

Despite anticipating jail time, her case was dismissed, and her record was cleared by the judge. Although Cristina initially struggled with drug addiction even after finding faith, she eventually overcame it and attended a Bible school in Australia.

Now a believer, Cristina travels the world preaching the gospel of salvation, hope, and love in God and Jesus.

Cristina Baker’s Testimony

After marrying Ryan at 21, Cristina was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctor said it would mostly affect her communication and speech. Devastated, especially with a new baby, she prayed for a second chance.

She received treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, one of the best cancer hospitals globally, and underwent a successful surgery to remove the tumor. Today, she is free from cancer. Additionally, her parents gave their lives to Christ during the surgery.


Cristina Baker wrote a book titled “Hope in 60 Seconds: Encountering the God of the Impossible.”

The book is meant for those feeling weary and doubtful, a situation Cristina can relate to. In “Hope in 60 Seconds,” she shares the steps of her journey to encounter, receive, and walk in the hope of Jesus. The book provides powerful wisdom for readers to take a similar journey themselves.

“Hope in 60 Seconds” aims to:

  1. Encourage and empower those in a similar place of discouragement, drawing on Cristina’s experience of discovering Christ’s authority and love.
  2. Teach how Jesus establishes hope, even in the darkest circumstances.
  3. Help readers grow in their ability to connect with Jesus and find the hope they’ve longed for.
  4. Demonstrate that a connection with Jesus is the ultimate source of hope.

Social Media

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