Chuck Swindoll Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Chuck Swindoll is a famous American pastor, writer, and radio preacher.


Charles Rozell Swindoll was born on October 18, 1934, in El Campo, Texas. He was the third child of Earl and Lovell Swindoll.

He went to Charles H. Milby High School in Houston. Chuck had trouble speaking in public because he stuttered, but his drama teacher, Dick Nieme, helped him manage it.

Chuck played in the school marching band and orchestra. He learned to play all the woodwind instruments, but the clarinet was his favorite.

After high school, he worked for Reed Roller Bit Company in Houston while studying mechanical engineering.

Chuck served in the United States Marine Corps. He was stationed in San Francisco and later sent to Okinawa, Japan. He played in the Marine Corps Marching Band during his service.

He married Cynthia Ann Parker on June 18, 1955. They had four children, 10 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.

After leaving the Marines in 1959, Chuck attended Dallas Theological Seminary, where he graduated with honors and earned his Master of Theology degree.

In 2020, Chuck retired as the senior pastor of Stonebriar Community Church but continued to serve as the Chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary.

Chuck Swindoll is known for his preaching, writing, and leadership in evangelical Christianity. He focuses on applying biblical teachings to everyday life.

He is admired for his engaging preaching style and emphasis on grace. Chuck has received many awards for his contributions to Christian ministry and literature.


Swindoll was born on October 18, 1934, in El Campo, Texas. He grew up in a family of farmers and was the youngest of his siblings.

Chuck Swindoll Beliefs

Chuck Swindoll Ministries, Stonebriar Community Church, and Insight For Living Ministries all believe in:

  • The Bible as the word of God and the ultimate authority for believers.
  • The Trinity, the belief in God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • The second coming of Christ.
  • Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Water baptism.
  • Communion as a means of connecting with God.
  • The unity of the Body of Christ.
  • Worship as an expression of reverence and praise.
  • Showing honor to both God and humanity.

Chuck Swindoll Church

Swindoll started his ministry as a pastor in Walthill, Nebraska, and later in Irving, Texas. He became the president of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) from 1965 to 1966.

He became ordained into the ministry in 1963 and served at Grace Bible Church in Dallas under J. Dwight Pentecost for two years. He held senior pastor positions in Waltham, Massachusetts (1965–67), Irving, Texas (1967–71), and Fullerton, California (1971–94). He began serving as senior pastor at Frisco, Texas in 1998. In July 1994, he became president of Dallas Theological Seminary and is now its chancellor.

In 1998, Swindoll established Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco. Initially, the church held services at Collin County Community College (now Collin College) before moving to their permanent location on Legendary Drive. The church is recognized for its missionary work in India and other countries, but it is not affiliated with any specific denomination.

Chuck Swindoll Insight for Living

In 1979, Swindoll founded “Insight for Living,” a radio broadcast ministry. It has expanded over time and now reaches people worldwide through radio, books, and other resources.

“Insight for Living” airs a radio program of the same name on Christian and non-Christian radio stations globally. It’s broadcasted on over 2000 stations and webcasted, with translations available in various languages.

The offices for the “Insight for Living” radio ministry are now situated in Frisco.

Chuck Swindoll Books

Swindoll has written many books on Christian living, leadership, marriage, grief, and biblical commentary.

Some of his well-known books include “The Grace Awakening,” “The Tale of the Tardy Oxcart,” and “Living Above the Level of Mediocrity.”

Other notable titles by Swindoll include:

  • Understanding Christian Theology
  • Behold—The Man!: The Pathway Of His Passion
  • So, You Want To Be Like Christ?: Eight Essentials To Get You There
  • When God Is Silent (Choosing To Trust In Life’s Trials)
  • Great Attitudes For Graduates!: 10 Choices For Success In Life
  • Encouragement For Life: Words Of Hope And Inspiration
  • The Strength Of Character: 7 Essential Traits Of A Remarkable Life
  • A Bethlehem Christmas: Celebrating The Joyful Season
  • The Owner’s Manual for Christians: The Essential Guide for a God-Honoring Life
  • The Church Awakening: An Urgent Call for Renewal
  • Living the Psalms
  • Living the Proverbs
  • Hear Me When I Call: Learning to Connect with a God Who Cares
  • Embraced By The Spirit: The Untold Blessings of Intimacy With God
  • The Swindoll Study Bible.

Net Worth

Chuck Swindoll net worth is not known. However, there are reports that suggested that he has a net worth of $5 Million.

Social Media

You can find Chuck Swindoll on the following social media platforms:

  1. Facebook: Chuck Swindoll
  2. Instagram: @chuckrswindoll

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Chuck Swindoll?

Chuck Swindoll is a prominent Christian pastor, author, and radio broadcaster known for his influential contributions to evangelical Christianity.

2. When and where was Chuck Swindoll born?

Chuck Swindoll was born on October 18, 1934, in El Campo, Texas, USA.

3. What are some of Chuck Swindoll’s notable achievements?

Chuck Swindoll is known for founding Insight for Living Ministries, Stonebriar Community Church, and his prolific writing career, which includes numerous books on Christian living, leadership, and biblical commentary.

4. What is Insight for Living Ministries?

Insight for Living Ministries is a radio broadcast ministry founded by Chuck Swindoll in 1979. It reaches a global audience through radio broadcasts, books, and other resources.

5. Where is Stonebriar Community Church located?

Stonebriar Community Church, founded by Chuck Swindoll in 1998, is located in Frisco, Texas, USA.