Alex Himaya Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Dr. Alex Himaya is an American preacher, author, and speaker. He leads one of America’s rapidly growing churches called the Battlecreek Church.


Himaya was born and raised in Louisiana, USA. He was born on March 17, 1971. His father is from Egypt and his mother is from North Carolina. Himaya’s father, raised in the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt, moved to the United States when he was 19. He later met and married Himaya’s mother, who is from rural North Carolina and used to attend an Episcopal church.

Himaya’s parents now go to the First Baptist Church of Bossier City, La. Himaya’s father also attends a Coptic church in Shreveport. Unfortunately, Himaya lost his mother in 2023.


Dr. Himaya was born on the 17th of March, 1971.


Alex earned his bachelor’s degree from Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas. He then got his master’s degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Additionally, in May 2002, he completed his Doctorate in Church Growth and Evangelism.

Family Life

Meredith Himaya is Dr. Alex Himaya’s wife. They have four children named Katherine, Eli, Benjamin, and Lemley.


Dr. Alex Himaya started and leads The Church at BattleCreek in Tulsa.

About 100 members in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma asked Dr. Himaya to become the Senior Pastor in 2002 and help the declining congregation.

The Gracemont church had fewer members due to various reasons. They owned a big building, previously an outlet mall, and had a large mortgage.

Dr. Himaya agreed to lead the church in a fresh start with a new name, new activities, and a focus on sharing the message of Jesus.

He said, “Tulsa doesn’t need another church. It needs a safe place for non-religious people to know about Jesus Christ’s message.” The church became “The Church at BattleCreek.”

The Church at BattleCreek grew rapidly and became one of the fastest-growing churches. Its main campus is in Broken Arrow.

BattleCreek Church

On August 14, 2003, The Church at BattleCreek had its first open service. By August 2006, on its third anniversary, the church had over 1600 people attending two Sunday services, including more than 700 kids and teens. They also paid off their mortgage and hired five full-time pastors and many other staff.

The Church at BattleCreek helped the community by running a daycare and supporting Spanish- and Arabic-speaking Christian churches in Tulsa. In 2007, they started building a high-tech 1,200-seat auditorium.

In 2014, Immanuel Baptist Church in downtown Tulsa became a part of The Church at BattleCreek. Now, the church has four locations, three in Tulsa and one in Wheaton, Illinois. Plans to expand their Midtown location in Tulsa faced opposition in 2015.

Dr. Alex Himaya’s role as pastor of The Church at BattleCreek led to creating the Adopt(ed) ministry, supporting families through the adoption process. The Himaya family adopted an Ethiopian girl through this ministry.

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Below are some published books of Alex Himaya:

  1. Jesus Hates Religion: Finding Grace in a Works-Driven Culture
  2. Your Little Red Wagon
  3. Overcome – Bible Study Book: Living Beyond Your Circumstances

Net Worth

Alex Himaya net worth is not disclosed to the general public.


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  3. I AM. The Good Shepherd
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